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PSP Emulation is growing every day, and PSPE is a perfect prove of that, even though this emulator still can't run any commercial PSP game, you can try it by playing some demos and homebrew games.
It is important to remember that this emulator is the first of its kind, but after all we are expecting more updates for this project and why not more PSP emulators.
An important thing is that you need to get SDL.dll in order to run the emulator. Just scroll down to get that file and remember to place all files into the same root folder.

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What we have on this site is all the latest news on Sony PlayStation Portable: PSP downloads, free psp games and hacks. Latest psp cheats, walkthrough and cheat codes. Free psp movie converter downloads and media center software. PSP accessories Reviews and Tutorials and most important of all PSP emulator.

Two most popular emulators for PSP are Gameboy Advance - GBA emu and Super NES - SNES emu.

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Want to play emulated games on PS3 or maybe you would want to make a backup copy of the game you own and later play if from PS3 HDD instead of the Blue-Ray disc? Now You can do all of that with a PS3 USB Mod-Chip »

Although as of present, the final stealth and online compatible PS3 Jailbreak Softmod version has yet to be released to the market, there have already been a few samples distributed and perhaps one or two of them somehow landed on the hands of individuals who happen to own a USB sniffer. In fact, the analysis of this exploit is based largely on the logs of USB sniffers and the issues that have been encountered in the development stages of the PSGroove version, plus of course, some hypothetical guesses about how PS3 game files are encoded.


PSP Emulator

PSPE is a remarkable PSP Emulator that plays Homebrew Games and Demos. The EBOOT.PBP files are placed into sub folders and then browsed via the emulators window. It has no Menus to load any games Why is this so remarkable? I hear you say!

emulators on psp
Well because it is the first of its kind and although rather basic in its current state, it shows great promise as to what can be expected on the PSP emulation front.

At this time the only real working Sony PSP emulator for playing PSP UMD ISO files is the one made by Sony itself. Surprised? Don't be - it was made purely for game development purposes and is distributed together with the Software Development Package. The problem is - to download or use it you have to be one of the Sony licensed game developers and have a contract with them. So far nobody has broken the rules of contract and released the emulator to the public but who knows - miracles happen.

sony psp emulator debugger
The emulator that we have seen in SONY press releases and used in press conferences runs on PC and can play games (psp roms) at full speed. Plus it has debugger that PSP devers couldn't live without.

Download Sony PSP Emu

At this point there are no downloads available - but as soon as we have any news about freeware Sony PSP Emulators we will post it here and you will be able to download the psp emu from our website.


Game files backup from UMD to PC - OR - FreeWare games that are distributed over the internet in a form of a PSP rom file.

Commercial PSP roms are illegal when as games made as demos and freeware can be legally be downloaded as psp roms and played on PSP using memory stick.

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